Monday, June 05, 2006


My niece has learned to say my name. The title of this post reflects how she says it. But I'm not complaining. For the longest time she referred to my mom and dad both as papa. We kept trying to get her to understand that grandma was mawmaw, not papa. And she learned. She's now calling the mom mawmaw. She's also calling the dad mawmaw. Still not quite getting it.

The other night I was babysitting at my sister's house late into the night. The niece and I fell asleep on the couch, and when my sister got home, she tried to take the niece off of my chest and take her to bed. Instead, my niece started crying and saying "eye-dee, eye-dee, eye-dee." So she put her back on my chest for while to sleep more. And when I finally had to leave, she kept saying my name over and over and reaching for me. I get to see her about every other weekend, and still, it doesn't seem like enough from time to time. Sigh.