Friday, March 10, 2006


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, it is my right, albeit my duty to point out when someone's opinion is ridiculously idiotic.

Some people on the American Idol boards are claiming that Kevin Covais is the next Josh Groban.

This belief is not only idiotic, but it is cruel. I keep getting the feeling that this is like a bad joke on him which he is not getting. Last week he thought he was the next sex symbol. This week, he's going to be thinking he'll be able to sell out concerts at $600 a ticket. Let the poor boy return to reality already.

In other Idol opinions, I don't have many. Read the recaplets at Television Without Pity which pretty much sum up my opinion as well. Still loving Elliot, even though he had a poor song choice. Taylor is still weirding me out and looked very much like he was having a seizure on live TV. He reminds me of a creepy guy that doesn't have many friends and probably dominates conversations regaling how fantastic he is with the friends he does have. Ill-impressed by the girls, with the exception of Mandisa. Pick Pickler is like every blonde joke, dumb southerner stereotype rolled into one. Paris can sing, but she's so young and juvenile that she's getting on my nerves.

Over the weekend I'll post my list of the 12 in order of most talent, and then my list in order of the way they'll be voted off.