Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Good Service is Dead

Ok, I was already irritated beyond normal today due to something at work which I am not at liberty to discuss. Let's just say, imagine you were hired into a job and told that you would be soley responsible for A and B. As in, A and B is your entire job. Then a few months later, they said, oh, the person responsible for C quit, so you're now responsible for C as well. And then, after putting up with that for a while, you're told out of the blue that you now have to handle D as well, even though D alone is equal to A, B and C combined. And you won't get any more money for it. Yeah. That's how I feel.

So I stopped at McD's for some comfort food. I get to the window and the chick doesn't put the lid on the drink well enough and manages to dump it on my car door, into my car and onto my dry clean only suit. Her response? "Oops, sorry babe. " Then she says she'll fix it. Which her version of fixing it entails handing me a wad of papertowels and replacing my drink. No free hamburger coupon. No courtesy french fries on your next visit. Nada.

She did replace my diet coke with a 3/4 full glass with no ice and what I discovered when I got home was not diet coke, but was instead regular coke. And no straw. And no dipping sauce for my nuggets even though I asked twice.

You can only imagine how utterly annoyed I am at this moment. I'm not a confrontational person, but I've picked up the phone a couple of times prepared to call and voice my displeasure. Though I'm not sure it would do any good other than to get me more riled up.