Friday, March 14, 2008

Educational TV

At dinner with my family tonight, my 3 year old niece was wearing a shirt that said "Grandpa's TV Buddy". Since Papa keeps her almost every Friday, I knew there was some truth to that statement, so I decided to ask her about it. I asked her what her favorite show was and she responded,

"Hannah Down Hannah"

What she means is Hannah Montana. Man, is that Miley Cyrus everywhere. She's even bigger than Britney was in Britney's heyday. I only hope that the pressure of stardom at such a young age doesn't drive poor Miley to explode in some teen pregnancy scandal or heroin overdose in a couple of years. That seems to be about the only way these things end anymore.

But back to the TV. I quicky found out that the niece isn't the only one who gets to pick the shows to watch on Friday. I asked her what Papa's favorite show was and she responded,

"He likes the one where the bad boys shoot people."

Apparently Papa and the niece watch a lot of Cops as well. Glad to see Papa is broadening her viewing habits and not pigeonholing her into watching only toons.

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Friday, March 07, 2008

Laugh by Omission

I got an email from a friend yesterday that proved that leaving out a word can certainly change the meaning of what you're saying. What she said was, "I would like a hairy ape in my shorts." After I stopped laughing, I realized she meant to say she would "look like a hairy ape". Not quite the same thing.

Also, I'm sitting in the back of court during closing arguments of a jury trial. I was 10 minutes late for a hearing so they couldnmt call me first and instead had to put me after the jury. It would't have been so bad if I hadn't have learned that the judge was looking for me in the rotunda prior to the hearing. I had called the bailiff, but I'm not certain that is going to save me from getting my butt chewed when the case does get called here in a few minutes. I've now caused the other side to have to sit here for an hour because I was late.

Incidentally, if no one hears from me in the next 24 hours, someone please find me and bail me out of jail. Please.