Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Putting the Dull back in Idol

I am just so underwhelmed by the chicks this year. I watched most of tonight's show on fast forward. Poor song choices, poor clothing choices. It's all adding up to be one mediocre year for the girls. I like a couple, but not enough to care who I think should make it to the next round.

The only one I'm adamant that I hope does NOT survive tomorrow is Brenna. There's confidence and there's bitchery. Girl needs to learn the difference and understand that America only tolerates you so far. And she's about 1 show past tolerance.

And the "oh no she didn't" moment of the night goes to Paula for telling Mandisa, "you have such a beautiful face." Which to some people may sound innocuous. But it isn't. If she were saying it to a size 2 Kelly Pickler, she would have just said, "you are just so beautiful." But since Mandisa is not a size 2, she had to say she had a beautiful face, thus underhandedly implying that the rest of her wasn't keeping up. I know, because I've been there. And though you smile and take it, you can't help shaking the underlying message.

We were on a break!

Ok, Gilmore Girls tonight: I've seen this storyline before. Like 7 years ago on Friends. We were on a break. We weren't on a break. We were taking some time apart. Etc, etc.

And Zach and Lane. Gag me. That may be the storyline that finally does it for me and makes me stop watching. He's such a doof. She's periphery. 6 Years of watching may be cut to an abrupt halt in a matter of moments.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Idol Redux

I haven't been watching American Idol very faithfully during the casting process. I caught a few early eps, but then tuned out because I don't want to hear all of the bad people.

Tonight, I got my first glimpse of several of the guys. (I watched the girls last night, but one glance at the music listed on the side of this blog shows that I lean towards the male vocals.) I was expecting to be 100% behind Scott. And I was, early in the night. But then I saw Elliot for the first time. And he's definitely my new fave.

Shockingly, I tend to agree with Simon most of the time. (I had to leave the room when Sway performed because it so wasn't agreeing with me.) And he looked pained most of the time tonight. I sometimes wonder if people just hear things differently. Kinda like colors. What if what I see as blue is actually what others see as yellow. It's possible right? I mean, you don't really have anything to compare it to.

But anyway. I never trust anything Paula has to say, because even though she's one of the original pop queens, all of her opinions are skewed. And Randy sometimes knows what's up, but his "dawg" stuff gets on my nerves.

Overall, my fave so far is Elliot, followed closely by Scott, and then maybe a tie between Gedeon and Ace. And I'm not sure I can get behind Ace just yet as he freakishly looks like Constantine from last year.

And can we please not pick songs just because you have an emotional connection to it. I don't care if you've liked Michael Jackson since you were 8, or you promised your grandma you would sing a song, or even if your parents used to sing it to you. Mention it. Then pick a better song to sing. My parents used to sing "Bullfrogs and Butterflies" to me. But if I ever made it on that show, I guarantee that wouldn't even cross my mind.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Never Leaving Well Enough Alone

Since Hollywood has proven nothing is ever sacred:

The remake of The Cutting Edge is on the way. Click the link for the trailer, if you dare

Dress Up

The Mom saw this site on CNN today: Dress Kevin

The guy never chooses his own clothing, but instead, allows the public at large to choose what he wears to specific events. Viewers vote from the shirt to the shoes, only leaving the underwear choices to him.

Interesting concept and I doubt he ever figured he'd be on CNN for the site.

Monday, February 20, 2006

I gots nothin'

So I'm in a blogging lull. Get over it.

I'll be back to my cheery self in no time, I assure you.

Except, that is a trick answer since we all know I'm far from cheery. I just have nothing to say at this time.

Monday, February 13, 2006


I missed two gals birthdays last week. Not intentionally, and I didn't forget. I just happened to be holed up at home with the flu and sleeping 18 hours a day. And by the time I got to the computer on Wed, I had missed them both.

So belated as it may be:

Happy Birthday Kelly P!

Happy Birthday Amanda!

Hope your days were fabulous and well spent.

Et tu puppy?

According to a recent study, dogs have accents too. The study says the dogs mimic the sounds they hear from their owners, thus forming their own regionally distinctive bark.

What do you think Amanda? Does Milo have his Hoosier accent?

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Jailhouse Rock

I'm really not sure what to think about this site I stumbled upon today.

My favorite thread, which I'm sure my prosecutor friends will love, is here. Those Indiana prosecutors are just so "unfair."

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Something New Everyday

One of my favorite movies of all time is Dead Poet's Society. It's fabulous. Really. My roommate borrowed my VHS copy a couple of years ago, and when I moved out, I never got it back. So imagine my glee when I dropped by Target yesterday and saw they had the special edition on DVD for 10 bucks. With commentary. My favorite.

Anyway, I'm watching it now, even though it's late because I took migraine pills and now the caffiene is kicking in. But I was browsing through imdb.com to see what the actors had been in since. Ethan Hawke obviously had a career past this. And I can see Robert Sean Leonard weekly on House, M.D.

The one that surprised me though was the guy who played Pitts. Did you know that he is the son of Sam Waterston? Yeah, me neither.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Duper

30 minutes till kickoff and time for my prediction:

Steelers 33
Seahawks 27

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

If you don't have something nice to say.

Our young paralegal and I were the last 2 at the office this afternoon. I swung by her office to let her know I was leaving, and in my usual end of the day mood, I started griping as she readied herself to leave with me.

I told her that I didn't know if I'd be able to get out of my spot because some idiot driver (although I may have said dumbass) didn't know how to park and was crooked in the space beside me. I told her how my big ole SUV is hard enough to maneuver in that poorly situated lot. From my office on the 11th floor, I can see everything in the parking lot and see which cars are wrongly parked.

On this occassion, the "idiot" driver happened to be her. And I felt like an ass. She took it good naturedly and informed me that she knows she doesn't know how to park. When we got down there, it wasn't as bad as it looked from 11 stories up and I tried to talk my way out of my asshattery. I, however, looked just as much like an ass.