Friday, September 30, 2005

The right words.

Sometimes there are none.

I can't really say that I was ecstatic when I found out I passed, but more like relieved. Relieved that I didn't have to worry about it any longer. Relieved that I didn't have to go through all the studying and the exam again.

But whatever happiness I had was tempered by the fact that some people were not so fortunate. And I won't mention names or point fingers because they know who they are and they know (or should know) that no one thinks less of them for one test. As the PMBR guy pointed out, 10 multiple choice questions can make the difference. All it takes is one bad day or 5 minutes where your head isn't in the game and the results are different.

I can't pretend to know how anyone is feeling, and I know the last thing those who didn't pass want to hear is someone who did lamenting all about it. So I won't try to say anything beyond what I already have.

I just hope that things are better in the morning. That perspectives have changed. That one test does not define our lives any more than one day of our lives can. And that those outside the legal world can accept that they haven't been there and know nothing about it.

And now you can all picture me breaking into my renowned rendition of "the Sun'll Come out, Tomorrow...."

El Paso Barro

So I passed. I can breathe again.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Shawshank Syndication

Those who know me well know that the last few weeks are one of my favorite times of the year. Time to pull out the abacus and flow charts and hunker down with my remote and a scratch pad. It's tv season/series premiere time. I can't help it, I'm an addict. I've almost got the schedule perfected and know what shows I can watch and which ones I must tape because they run up against a better show that I much watch live. Things will of course become much simpler once the TV powers start knocking them off and sending them into cancellation. (I can't stop watching "Reunion" cause I need to know who dies, but if that isn't the worst acted, directed, and scripted show ever, it comes really close. I'm hoping Fox sees the light and sends it the way of "Head Cases" which only survived 2 episodes.)

While I have a few new shows added to the lineup, none is more entertaining in my opinion than "Prison Break". It's a breath of fresh air not to have a show based on (a)crime scene investigation, (b)lawyers and the courtroom, (c)aliens and ghosts, or (d)reality programming. And I believe Wentworth Miller may be my new favorite actor appearing weekly on my TV screen. Who knew Fox could create a watchable and intriguing show.

I asked the brother if he had caught any of the episodes. For those not in the know, the brother is actually a prison guard at a medium security prison. He informed me that he had not, but that it was quickly becoming one of the inmates' favorite shows. I'm not sure if they classify it as entertainment or educational programming.

A (long) night at the theater.

They say no one goes to the movies anymore because it's so expensive. Apparently they've never tried the theaters by my apartment. Because you can go there practically for free.

About a month or so ago, K, M and I went to see a movie, and for about 20 minutes, the screen was split with the bottom half on the top, and the top on the bottom. For our trouble they gave us a free tickets. So K and I cashed in our tickets last weekend to see another movie. After being sent to 3, count them 3, different rooms before they could figure out which screen was showing said movie, we sat and waited for 30 minutes while they tried to figure out the projector.

See, the theater is new, but only 1 employee in the place is over the age of 21. And I think they only keep him on board so that they can keep the juveniles out past curfew.

Anyway, back to the story. After 30 minutes they came in and confessed that they couldn't get the projector to work. K and I were the only 2 in the room, so they gave us 2 free tickets each for our trouble. So one free ticket has multiplied. But then, as we're walking out, sole 21+ guy catches us and tells us that if we don't mind, they can specially screen it for us in the room next door. Not having much else to do, we agreed, and we ended up seeing it for free and still having our 2 free passes for later.

If we're lucky and the incompetence streak continues, I may never have to pay to see a movie again.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Legal Seminars

On Tuesday, I had the fortune of attending an all day seminar on the new changes in bankruptcy law. Unfortunately, my knowledge of bankruptcy law consists of knowing that there are different types. The knowledge ends there. But I attended so that I can go back to my firm and inform them of the new changes. Sounds simple in theory.

First, I was surprised at the attire in the room. Some of the attendees were wearing shorts and t-shirts as I sat there in my now standard suit. I had debated going casual, but not quite that casual.

Next, it became clear about 5 minutes in that this seminar was aimed at lawyers who represent debtors. Now, without speaking too much about my job, there are 3 things we don't do: criminal, tax, and representing debtors in bankruptcy. Our practice in bankruptcy is limited to the creditor's side. Which meant that the first 3 hours of the seminar were entirely unhelpful to me. (Going through the process and how you have to inform the debtor client, etc.) And basically the discussion incited a few lawyers who were unhappy with the new law. The lady next to me actually called her office during a break to tell them to stop taking bankruptcy cases because they were no longer going to do them.

Then, my favorite part, the breaks were sponsored by some software company. So every time we broke we got a disclaimer, "this break is brought to you by..."

But I'm not any smarter now than I was then. Go figure.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


My plates expired on Thursday. I knew this, but with changing addresses, I couldn't do the convenient renewal by mail, atm thingee, or online. So I left work an hour early on Tuesday and swung by the BMV by my apartment. When I arrived, there were 80-90 people already seated and waiting and 15-20 waiting just to be checked in. In the 5 minutes I stood there, they didn't check in a single person. I decided it wasn't worth 2 hours of my night and decided to try again later.

Of course with the BMV hours, later meant today since I was still making up time from my failed attempt earlier in the week. I decided to get up early and arrive before the place even opened. Apparently, so did 50-60 other folks. The place opens at 8:30 and at 8:10, the line was already down the front of the building.

I'll admit that I'm spoiled. In the Jesus Town, half of the time you don't even have to take a number because there's one or two workers open when you walk through the door. I had had the dad call earlier in the week to see if I could get it renewed there since I have a specialty plate and don't need to switch to a Marion county pre-fix plate. He found out that I could, and so I decided just to drive home to the Jesus Town to get the plate. It was a wise decision. I was number 99 and they were serving 87 when I arrived. Much better numbers.

But alas, I'm back to the Jesus Town for the night. I babysat my niece for the afternoon/night so that my parents could go to a wedding and my sister and BIL could celebrate their anniversary. So at least I was somewhat useful. Then again, I'm not getting all of the household tasks done like I had planned on doing this weekend. Oh well, there's always next weekend.

Friday, September 16, 2005

The blogger blues.

So I'm still around. The Mom called the other day to see if her computer was broken. Sadly, no. It would be mine that's acting up. Blogger only lets me get so far on each post before it crashes on me. And I really don't care enough to actually re-type them.

Things are just kinda eh right now. Job's great but takes a lot of time. It's a whole lot better than school, that's for sure. And they pay me for it. But I'm so exhausted when I get home that I'm not much interested in anything. And that's pretty much it right now.

The blogging is not abandoned, just a bit scant lately. It'll pick back up after things normalize and I find out whether I get to become an attorney or I start seeking out employment at the Starbucks down the street.