Sunday, September 28, 2003

Young at heart.

Apparently someone heard me griping about feeling old. I got carded at the store today. Which isn't unusual had I been buying something normal, say alcohol. But I wasn't. I was buying a movie. An R rated movie. The cash register prompted her (I didn't know they did that), and the cashier lady asked me if I was over 17 and if so if I had ID. I was a little stunned. I'm not sure if I'm happy that she carded me, or embarrassed over the fact that I'm still being carded for R rated movies. Guess I can't have it both ways.

Saturday, September 27, 2003

Oh how the years go by.

I'm sorta ashamed to admit the fact that I'm watching the 1996 Olympic Gymnastics I have on tape. One of my friends wants to borrow the tape and when I found it, I just felt compelled to watch it. What's even worse is that 1996 doesn't sound that long ago to me, since I graduated that year, but I'm sitting here realizing that was 7 years ago. Damn I'm old.

Friday, September 12, 2003

Yes sir, officer sir.

Ok, so I should have known better.

No I mean, I really should have known better. Last Friday my prof started talking about how to not get a ticket from a state trooper. So I was relaying that story today in my Con Law class. And we're all talking about our experiences. So I mention that I've never been pulled over. Like ever. No warning, no flashy lights, no nothing.

So you can guess what happened on my way home from class. I'm about half a mile from my house and I look up and a state trooper is going the other way as I pass. So naturally I look at the speedometer and I was going 55. Which wouldn't be so bad had I not been in a 40 zone. So I keep looking in the rearview and I see his brake lights, but that's about it. So as I get to my driveway, I look back, and sure enough he's turning around and he puts his lights on.

So I did what any normal person would do. I pulled into my driveway and back around the house and prayed he couldn't figure out where I went.

No such luck. He followed me in my driveway, lights and all. By this time I'm out of the car and he gives me this look as he's getting out of the car. In my driveway no less. I can't judge his expression, but he says he needs my license. I give it to him and then walk around the car to get my registration. (Which thankfully, I knew exactly where it was since I just got my plates yesterday). And as I'm doing so, he invariably asks the questions "was there any reason you were going so fast." To which I start jumbling my words and say something like I didn't know how fast I was going. So then he tells me. And I stare blankly at him wondering if I'm supposed to apologize or what.

He takes my info and goes back to sit in his car. Now under normal circumstances the pulled over driver is in the front seat of the car and the trooper behind them. But I was standing outside my car not 4 feet from him. And looking like an idiot. My neighbors share a driveway with us and they pull in and wave, and I'm dying of embarrassment. Since I was just standing there, I decide to go ahead and start getting everything out of my car. And it's taking forever.

He finally gets out of the car and comes back to me. And he's smirking. He hands me my stuff and starts explaining that he was only giving me a warning, because, in his own words "I don't want to blemish your perfect record." Now part of me was proud of the fact that I've never ever been pulled over. And part of me thought he was making fun of me, cause really, who has ever heard of a 25 yr old who has never been pulled over.

But he tells me the standard, 'slow down next time.' And then he starts smiling and asks who the people were that pulled in. I explain and he says he thought it was my parents checking on me. And then he gets in the car, tells me to have a nice day. I walk in the house expecting my dad and my brother to be looking out the window, but apparently they're deaf and blind and didn't see any of it.

I had a hard enough time trying not to laugh while he was here since I found it so funny that not 3 hours before I was shamelessly bragging about my record. But no more. At least my professor would be proud since I didn't get a ticket.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Faking It

Being relatively new to the LJ world, I just found out about something called fake journals. Apparently people impersonate entertainers, sports figures, etc. and post a journal as if they are this person. And yes, I was on the fake Andy Roddick page. I told you I was obsessed. But what I don't understand about this whole operation, is that other LJ users post comments to these journals as if they are posting to the real person.
Now I have 3 theories as to why this may be.
1. They are dumbasses who really believe that Andy takes time out of his pregame preparation to post meaningless chatter on a public website. Cause you know they keep those internet hookups in the US Open locker rooms next to the lockers and across from the urinals. Convenient since he found time to post during the rain delays.
2. They know it's not him but believe that maybe he's aware of the fake site and visits it often to see their comments. Because he obviously has nothing better to do with his time.
or 3. The person who maintains the fake site doesn't have enough to do even with maintaining the fake personality that they create other fake personalities to congratulate themselves for a job well done.

It all perplexes me really. Maybe someone can fill me in on the lure of impersonating. Although, I must say, a few years back in college I did get myself kicked off of some Dawson's Creek websites because my best friend and I spilled the "secret storyline" that Leona was coming season 2. But then I was just jacking around with the 14 year olds in a chat room. So yeah, if you were a diehard DC fan of season one and ever heard the Leona storyline (it did get posted on some official message boards at one time), that was me. But really, I don't do that anymore.

Really I don't. For now I'll stick with the official Andy page. None of this fake shit for me.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003


Grr. I hate getting at school at the butt crack of dawn to sit around. Right now, haning out in the library for another hour and a half until I have class. Then I have class all day, and meetings tonight. Going to be another long night.

Let me just say how I've found a new addiction. When I was overseas, they showed tennis all the time (which I loved anyway). And since I didn't need to speak French to understand it, I watched it plenty. And now I'm addicted to Andy Roddick. I'm loving the fact that he won the Open so that he's on TV all the time for a few days. Sigh.

Friday, September 05, 2003

What were they thinking?

Ok, I had that dilemma about being a substitute teacher a while back. Well, I never really resolved that, but that's beside the point. Apparently my professor from last year thought it would be a good idea to have me teach impressionable minds of first years. I'm now going to be leading tutoring sessions for his class. Granted, I'm only doing it because it'll look good on my resume. Ok, and the fact that I'm a geek and really do like civil procedure. But really, what are these people thinking when they come up with these brilliant ideas?

Oh, and I had to get something clarified in the admissions office today, and while I'm standing there a lady in the office asks me to do something. She wants me to sit on a panel for their "explore the law school" day next week and answer questions from prospective students and their parents. Of course I couldn't say no since she was asking me face to face. Cause that's what I would have done had it been over email or something. But now, they're not only thrusting me on first years, but on potential first years for next year. Really, someone must have gotten me confused with one of those overachievers who like to help the struggling newcomers. Perhaps my first statement will be one of "suck it up, I ain't your momma". That'll go over really well.