Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pick Me Up

I've been a little under the weather this week and have been a little stressed about work. I'm trying to prep for my biggest trial I've yet to have and every time I prepare witness questions, my brain turns to mush.

I stumbled upon this old video from 2000 that I love. I remember watching the Tonight Show the night this was on. Angie Harmon is a fantastic actress, and I would watch her in almost anything. The almost comes in because try as I might, I can't stand that new show she's on now. Get her back to Law and Order stat. Or better yet, bring her over to SVU. It would be the meshing of 2 good things.

Anyway, back to the video. The following is the video of Angie's now husband, Jason Sehorn, proposing to her on the Tonight Show. It brings a smile to my face, so I thought I'd share.

Now, back to expert witness testimony prep.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Good Service is Dead

Ok, I was already irritated beyond normal today due to something at work which I am not at liberty to discuss. Let's just say, imagine you were hired into a job and told that you would be soley responsible for A and B. As in, A and B is your entire job. Then a few months later, they said, oh, the person responsible for C quit, so you're now responsible for C as well. And then, after putting up with that for a while, you're told out of the blue that you now have to handle D as well, even though D alone is equal to A, B and C combined. And you won't get any more money for it. Yeah. That's how I feel.

So I stopped at McD's for some comfort food. I get to the window and the chick doesn't put the lid on the drink well enough and manages to dump it on my car door, into my car and onto my dry clean only suit. Her response? "Oops, sorry babe. " Then she says she'll fix it. Which her version of fixing it entails handing me a wad of papertowels and replacing my drink. No free hamburger coupon. No courtesy french fries on your next visit. Nada.

She did replace my diet coke with a 3/4 full glass with no ice and what I discovered when I got home was not diet coke, but was instead regular coke. And no straw. And no dipping sauce for my nuggets even though I asked twice.

You can only imagine how utterly annoyed I am at this moment. I'm not a confrontational person, but I've picked up the phone a couple of times prepared to call and voice my displeasure. Though I'm not sure it would do any good other than to get me more riled up.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Road to Recovery

Ok, I know this is an unflattering pic of Frosty again (sorry Dad), but it's his favorite position to lie in. Anyway, if you notice, he's sporting a new haircut and a built in zipper. Don't worry, he was sleeping, he's not still drugged. Poor thing looks like he's got front butt. Anyway, his surgery went well yesterday. He had to stay overnight, which didn't go well with him or Max. Max endured it by pulling out clumps of his own hair and leaving them around my apartment, as well as trying to sleep on my head and love me to death.

Thankfully, when I picked Frosty up today, they said that he's not been trying to mess with his incision and has been a really good boy. He just has a few doses of antibiotics to endure and then his internal stitches will disappear. They're also running an analysis of his bladder stones to help figure out how to prevent them from recurring so I don't have to drop another wad of cash on him in the future. Other than a bit of wailing on the way home, things have returned to normal for the most part. He followed me from room to room and laid on my feet for the first couple of hours. That included laying on my feet while I was cooking, sleeping, or standing. Good times.

Now the sucky part is that I have to pack him up and drag him to the parents' house tomorrow. And, if I had any doubts about whether I could leave Max alone here for a couple of days, those were amplified when I returned home to find Max in clumps all over my apartment. If I were to leave him alone for a couple of days, I'd probably return and he'd be bald. So he gets to travel as well.

Thanks for all the well wishes and even the offers to come over and sing him lullabies or do interpretive dances to keep his minds off things. He appreciates the concern. As a side note, it's amazing to me how many people told me I should just put him to sleep instead of worrying about surgery or the possibility of having to deal with this again in the future. Now, I've been careful not to call myself his mom or him my "baby", but disposable pets are not exactly my cup of tea either. Apparently they are for some people.


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Bits and Pieces

I love working for the government on election day. Bonus vacation day! K was kind enough to join me after my 2nd job and eat breakfast and then we went down to vote. We were voters 19 and 20 at our precinct. Last time, I voted with 15 minutes to spare and was only voter 220. That's sad.

Frosty did not have surgery yesterday due to a medical situation with a member of my human family. My grandfather has been ill and I went home for the weekend and could not be here to restrict his food and water. I'm keeping a close eye on him and he's scheduled now for Tues. the 20th when the vet returns from vacation. I did not realize when I rescheduled that it is the Tues before Thanskgiving, which means I can't leave them here for the long weekend. So instead, they will be making the trek to the parents' house with me where my mom's cat is less than friendly. Especially to Frosty. Poor Frosty.

My second job is looking for volunteers to work the night of Thanksgiving. Technically it will be Friday morning from midnight to 4. If I work, I get paid my 4 hours of regular holiday pay, plus time and a half for the hours I actually work. Roughly grossing $115 for one night. I need to double check with my manager that that's actually the case and it's not just straight up time and a half. If so, I am really tempted to work since we're doing Thanksgiving later in the weekend. I can also take Monday off from my law job since I've been racking up vacation days and have yet to use one. I was supposed to take the day off yesterday, but they scheduled Court. Unlike my caseworkers, I don't have anyone that can step in and cover for me for the day and let me keep my day off. So I went in anyway.

Last night at work was freezing. Our work gives us clothing including these nice parkas, stocking caps and work bibs. I made the mistake of only wearing 3 shirts and the parka last night, with my tights and jeans. I'll definitely be layering myself up tonight better since it will feel like 22 degrees at the point when I will be outside, unshielded by the wind. I think a trip to Dicks Sporting goods is in order. I just can't wait until it get to be 0 degrees.

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