Thursday, August 31, 2006

For Your Consideration

Last weekend, Kyleen and I discovered "The Office." I've always been someone to avoid the trendy shows, and when I heard NBC was adapting the cult hit from BBC, I avoided it like the plague. K had checked it out from the library and since I made her and Mary suffer through most of season 1 of Prison Break the week before, I felt I needed to return the favor. Boy, was I wrong about this show. "The Office" is literally the funniest thing on TV right now. Thousands of Emmy voters can't be wrong, right?

I've managed to watch about every second of the season 1 DVD. Not hard considering season 1 is only 6 episodes. Now I'm playing catch up with season 2. Lucky for me, the DVDs come out in a couple of weeks, before season 3 is to start.

And how do I love John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson? These two are so perfectly cast that it's difficult to believe that you're watching them act. Frankly, everyone on the show is so subtly fantastic. As someone who spends the majority of her time being sarcastic, it's great to see a show with intelligent humor not forced on me with a laugh track. The last show that did it so well was "Sports Night", may it rest in peace.

I only mention the show on here so that you can all tune in and feel the love as well. Of course, I have to assume that none of you are watching it, because if you were and you didn't smack me upside the head to show me the error of my ways*, I don't think we can remain friends. We had a good run of it though.

*Incidentally Chuck, I have seen a few episodes of Project Runway this year, and you are right. That show is fantastic as well.


For those interested, I promised an update on TT.

After several consultations with his oncologist, they've decided that radiation is the way to go. So TT will begin treatments next week. He will have at least 33 treatments given daily each weekday for the next few weeks. Unfortunately, due to his line of work and the side effects of the radiation, he will be taking temporary disability and time off from work.

TT is also having some sort of "infusion" treatment which is recommended for someone as young as he is. It's apparently an experimental drug given to lession the possible long term effects of the radiation. I won't go into the possible effects since we're all trying to remain positive. Those are all bridges he will cross when he gets there.

The good news is that he has mostly healed from surgery. Even though they removed a significant portion of the tongue, his speech is back to normal. The weeks after surgery he had a slight speech difference and I wondered if it would be permanent. Thankfully, it is not. He seems to be in good spirits and enjoyed himself on our recent short family vacation. (The Mom, the Dad, TT and I went to Orlando for all of 38 hours and spent a few days at Disney. I have a few stories from the trip which I will relay later. Trust me, they're worth the wait.) So right now, all is good.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I love me some prison break.

It's back. And fabulous. Last season I got caught up in the first half of the show Prison Break. Then it went on hiatus and I lost interest.

Lucky for me, the first season came out on DVD recently. Which I promptly purchased and watched every single episode last weekend to prepare for the season 2 premiere this past Monday. And, consequently, forced M and K to watch with me. (Ask them about the discussion sessions I brought to the table. If you think that's odd, ask M about the interpretive dancing she mandated.)

The show is fantastic. Well, if you can suspend your reality enough to enjoy it.
Robert Knepper is so bloddy fabulous as T-Bag, that if I ran into the actor on the street, I would seriously have some heart palpitations. I've never seen creepy done so well.

And Wentworth Miller? Le sigh. Not only is he nice to look at, I've read several interviews with him recently and the boy is intelligent, funny, and down to earth. He spent his hiatus driving across the country by himself and prefers to stay out of the limelight. He is slowly worming his way into my heart to the point that he may pass Matt Damon at the top of my list. This may sound like nothing to some of you, but my old roommate AG can tell you how much I loved me some Matt.

No, I'm not some psycho stalker fan, I just like my weekly eye candy to spice up my lawyerly life. Nothin' wrong with that. And boy does this show provide plenty of it.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Summarizing Depositions results in ...

(a) Great billable hours.
(b) Mindnumbingly boring repetition of the same things over an over.
(c) Hours sorting through several pages trying to decipher the last question that was asked before the objection and certification of a question to decide if that question was ever answered.
(d) A paralegal who is ready to assassinate you if she has to listen to one more minute of your dictation.
(e) All of the above.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


I passed my 1 year anniversary last week. 1 year at my job. Man how time flies. And with the 1 year mark came my 2 weeks of vacation. And you better bet I'm using a couple of those days up front.

Anyway, I've not been around because I am leaving on vacay tomorrow so work is breathing down my neck. I've had so much to do to get caught up so I can leave, it's ridiculous. And I'm only going to be gone 2 work days. Yeesh.

I'll blog again in the future. I promise. I'll also have TT updates regarding his treatment options etc. But he's not really in the mood to let anyone discuss them much. He has an apointment in a couple of weeks to determine the treatment plan. At that point, we'll know more what he's in for over the next few months.