Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fish Poo'd

Watching Jay Leno and he's doing some sort of thing where inventors pitch ideas to investors. The Fish N Flush did not sell, but call me crazy, I think it's kind of interesting in a kitchy sort of way. I'd never have one, but I know people who would. I mean, everyone has to have a toilet, so why not spice yours up?

Monday, November 20, 2006

*Let's Go to the Mall

Let's just brush by the part where you all remind me that I've been nonexistent for several weeks, shall we.

If you're not watching "How I met Your Mother", you're missing out on the second best sitcom on television. (The first being, of course, The Office.) Tonight on HIMYM, the gang, Swarley included, learned the secret of Robin's past. Which is that Robin Sparkles was the Tiffany of the Canadian malls. Complete with a Myspace page and video of her one smash hit, "Let's go to the Mall."

Did I mention that this show is fantastic?